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Pipe Freezer (Electric) Comes with 4 caps, 8 spacers, 2 clamps, 2 Hoses with freezer heads and 2 towels.


Pipe Freezer (240v Electric)

Active Capillary (with the Freeze Master valve control). You can freeze a warm pipe whilst at the same time freezing a cold pipe, without the risk of concentration of refrigerant in the freeze head attached to the coolest pipe caused by the temperature/pressure relationship. You can freeze a large and small pipe with same benefit.

Every Freeze Master is fabricated in an all steel case. The raw Zintec material is inspected and quality tested then precision punched using the latest computer aided automated machinery. Computer controlled press braking and strength tested welding, produce a strong accurate enclosure that is covered with a high quality powder coat finish.

Clear and concise instructions with step by step illustrations are affixed to the lid.

The roomy compartment ensures that hoses are not damaged or kinked and components are easily stored.

The strong carrying handle can swivel over or is attached to the case lid, permitting ease of use and safe transport.

Multi-layer reinforced high pressure hoses are assembled to Freeze Master specifications ensuring rapid feed through optimum hose length. Liquid refrigerant is carried to the freeze heads via Freeze Masters patented coaxial liquid line assembly.

The freeze head raw material is first quality checked and tested then precision machined from a solid bar by specialist engineers. Inspections and checks are carried out at every stage of the process, to ensure a high quality end product. The design of the freeze head permits maximum usability. Pipes touching walls, close together or in tight corners are tackled with ease and the precision engineering ensures maximum thermal efficiency for fast freezing.

Two patented heat extracting freeze chambers, are strategically engineered in each freeze head running parallel to the water pipe. The angles formed ensure that a wide radius of heat is transferred, thereby eliminating the need to access the rear of the pipe.

The unique Patented Freeze Master bungee clamping system is extremely easy to use. Simply feed the grip cords behind the water pipe and pull towards you. This automatically draws the freeze head into the most difficult areas, e.g. inside a cupboard with pumps, pipes and valves etc, making the Freeze Master the easiest to fit. Because the clamping system is attached to the rear of the freeze head, it is also possible to freeze pipes touching the wall using the freeze on method.

Machines are manufactured to satisfy worldwide electrical requirements. High quality pre-assembled cables are fitted. All machines are electrical tested for earth bond and leakage.

The cooling fan is an external rotor design, typically relied upon in computer applications. It is compact and efficient. As with all components utilised in the Freeze Master, the cooling fan is selected for its quality and reliability.

Pipe sizes are accommodated with reducer fittings, that are precision engineered from solid aluminium bar or tube. The front and rear profiles are machined to within one thousandth of an inch tolerance, which is essential for good thermal contact and fast freeze times.

The pipe reducers can simply be held in place by hand, alternatively the Freeze Master offers the facility to fit them with a fixing screw and essentially become part of the freeze head and transfer path. The positive fixing ensures that the reducer cannot fall out at any angle or be knocked in a working environment. The thread is a stainless steel insert coil.

A highly developed refrigeration freezing system is at the heart of the Freeze Master. The new ozone safe coolant is continuously recycled and there is plenty of power to spare for ultimate freezing reliability.


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