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115mm Cutter Cordless 14.4v comes with 14.4v 3.3aH battery, carry case, side handle and disc spanner.


115mm Cutter Cordless 14.4v

The Hitachi G14DL/L4 is the body only version of the G14DL/JL, a 115mm (4.5in) high torque angle grinder with slimline grip for comfortable use. The gear cover is low in height to allow the grinder to be used in confined areas, and the side handle can be attached for either left or right handed use.

The grinder has external brush caps to make the replacement of carbon brushes quick and easy. An elastomer covered handle gives a comfortable and secure grip at all times. A safety circuit ensures that the grinder will not accidentally start if a battery is inserted while the switch is turned on.



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