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This listing is for a box of 10 600ml tubes of Dryzone DPC cream (application gun sold separately), the countries leading product in the fight against damp.

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This listing is for a box of 10 600ml tubes of Dryzone DPC cream (application gun sold separately), the countries leading product in the fight against damp. Please find below all the relevant technical details (from the producers, safeguard):
Launched in 2000, Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream has caused a revolution in the treatment of rising damp.

The patented Dryzone System now outsells our traditional chemical injection damp-proofing treatments and is the best-selling rising damp treatment on the UK market.
Dryzone has a number advantages over conventional chemical injection damp-proofing systems for both the contractor and the householder:

  1. Quick to install
    Up to 3 times faster than standard damp-proofing injection systems.
  2. Simple to install
    Less scope for operator error
  3. Concentrated formulation
    Eliminates the need to introduce large volumes of liquid carrier into the wall. Dryzone is over four times stronger than many competing products.
  4. Low hazard
    Non-caustic, non-flammable, not injected under pressure.
  5. Solvent-free formulation
    Does not contain white spirit or iso-paraffins.
  6. Spillage & mess virtually eliminated
    No problems with damp-proofing fluid leaking into neighbouring rooms or properties.
  7. No electric damp-proof course (DPC) pump required
    Can be used in situations where power is not available.
  8. Effective
    Independent tests demonstrate that Dryzone provides a more effective barrier to rising damp than competing products.

Naturally, homeowners want the most effective products available to be used to treat rising damp in their properties. Creating the best possible barrier to rising damp minimises moisture in the wall, blocks the build-up of ground salts, and reduces heat-loss. For this reason, Dryzone has been formulated to form an effective damp-proof course in walls of all types and has been tested under more conditions than any other rising damp treatment on the market.

This is important because no two walls suffering from rising damp are the same. In particular the physical properties of the mortar used to construct walls can vary considerably and this can have a significant influence on the effectiveness of any rising damp treatment.

The effectiveness of Dryzone has been verified under a wide range of test conditions by independent test houses around the world. Test conditions examined include:

  • Saturated walls (up to 95% saturation)
  • Low alkalinity mortar
  • High alkalinity mortar
  • Low porosity mortar
  • High porosity mortar
  • Lime-based mortar
  • Cement-based mortar

The depth of each drill hole required for various thicknesses of solid wall is shown in the table below. For all other types of wall, the depth of the hole should be to within 40 mm of the opposite face. In all cases the most effective target site is to drill horizontally directly into the mortar course, preferably at the top of all perpends of the selected course (see images).

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