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Dryrod – the premium rising damp treatment. Each damp-proofing rod will treat approximately 120mm (linear) of wall. The rods are available in foil packs of 10 rods – 1.2 metre coverage.

Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods are a new high performance rising damp treatment. All that is required to permanently stop rising damp in your property is to drill holes along a continuous mortar course and then insert the damp-proofing rods. The rods will distribute water-repellent material along the mortar, using our patented delivery system, and then cure to form a damp-proof course. The wall will then dry out. No fuss, no mess and no stress.

The patented rod delivery system is not only faster, cleaner and easier than other forms of rising damp treatment, making it suitable for DIY damp proofing, it is also more effective. Unlike previous methods, which require measured application with specialist tools, a Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rod of the specified length will deliver the correct dosage every time. A wall treated with our damp-proofing rods is also over four times more resistant to rising damp than the next best treatment method.